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Opportunities for learning, collaborative research

The paper is about adapting gender roles from an American sitcom to a Russian sitcom, and how gender roles are portrayed,” said Lassin.  One main difference is the way the Nanny is portrayed, he said.

“In the American sitcom, she’s this loud, Jewish girl from Queens and there’s tension between her British boss who’s high class and her low-class loudness,” explained Lassin.  “But in the Russian version, the nanny is Ukrainian – she has this horrible pronunciation of words and she talks a mile a minute.

Arabic television provides opportunities for learning

Watching too much television is thought by some to be bad for you. That is, unless you’re a student in Assistant Professor of Russian Elena Prokhorova’s senior research seminar class.

Students in the class are studying the cultural significance of television programs, like the Russian version of Fran Drescher’s sitcom “The Nanny” – but this is no mere classroom exercise.  The course is designed around an end-of-semester scholarly symposium organized by the students themselves.

Jacob Lassin ’12, a Russian Studies major, has been working hard on organizing the conference, including the design for the official conference T-shirt. He’s in a three-member group that’s researching, writing and presenting a paper about the Russian version of “The Nanny.”

Designing opportunities for learning (planning)

  • Focusing on learning at the planning stage means:
  • being clear about the learning and teaching objectives in planning and sharing them with the children and their parents and carers
  • being clear about the importance of the language demands of the curriculum as well as language teaching and learning opportunities provided by the curriculum
  • including social and emotional learning and teaching objectives in planning, when appropriate, and sharing them with the children and their parents and carers
  • planning the key focus points for the teaching and the learning (the success criteria) and involving the children by making them aware of, and even part of, the creation of the agreed success criteria
  • making sure that the context is designed to enable the learning objective to be fulfilled
  • being confident to adapt the planning and teaching at any time if the learning objective, based on assessment throughout the teaching sequence, is not being fulfilled.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finding the Cheapest Cell Phone Plan

As technology grows, so do the competition. When it comes to the world of cell phones, the competition couldn't be any hotter. Each company tries to outdo itself in two different categories, hottest cell phone and cheap cell phone plans. They know that in order to stay up with the competition, they have to keep the consumers interest current and fresh by adding the latest in cell phone technology, combining with the cheapest cell phone plans. I could tell you from experience what I've been though with certain cell phone companies and can tell you if they are worth the hassle of even looking at their product or not.

My first cell phone was a Sprint phone. Where other cell phones were strict on credit check, Sprint was very lenient about the whole situation. Their selection of cell phone throughout the years were great and the customer service was easy to deal with as well. 

Heavy Use of Cell Phones Associated With Poor Memory

Young people, who heavily use cell phones, were found to have poor memory. In addition, according to the latest study these youngsters have slower reaction times and are more likely to make more mistakes than those who use cell phones less often. In their study, researchers from Monash University analyzed 300 students from 20 state and private schools in Melbourne, Australia. The youngsters were aged between 12 and 14. Scientists found that children who spend a lot of time using their cell phones often choose to text faster rather than more accurately, which is why they are more likely to make more mistakes. The results also showed that thoseб who heavily use their cell phones have poorer memory and show slower reaction to certain tasks, reports Herald Sun. More information on the subject, studies regarding cell phones and news on a wide range of devices are available here at - check the links at the bottom ofthe story.

Cheap cell phone plans to the world

Therefore, do not hesitate to use one of the cheap cell phone plans that many providers offers. Using it, is surely able to give us freedom to manage our life and money. Moreover, nowadays lots of things are expensive and hard work is not enough to cover all of our daily life needs. Therefore, smart moves are needed to reduce as low as possible our expenses so that we are having enough money for our selves.

Inexpensive Cell Phone Plans to Consider

Communication is one thing that is very important in our daily life. Often we are wanted to know how our family or friends are, and often this can cost us a lot. Nowadays there are many things that we are able to get with cheap price, but often the quality is not what we expect. As long as we are able to choose and select the best one that we want, even the cheap one are able to give the best that we want. Carefully selecting the cheap cell phone plans is able to give power to manage our expenses in communication bills. 

What is a 'Pay As You Go' Cell Phone Plan?

Though standard plans differ, most involve a mandatory long-term contract of 1-2 years, a credit card, and a minimum monthly fee of about $20 - $35 U.S. dollars. For this price approximately 200 - 300 minutes are purchased. You can buy more minutes for a higher monthly fee. If you go over your allotment you will likely be charged a premium rate for each additional minute. If you don't use all your minutes they normally do not roll over. That is, you lose them and start over the following month.

Standard cell phone plans have their perks, however, over 'pay as you go' plans. They often include free weekends and evening calling; meaning calls made during this time do not count towards your allotted minutes. For a small fee you can add options too, like free calling to any other cell phone that uses the same service; or free calling to certain cell numbers on other services -- friends or family members. Carriers have their own combination of features to choose from. In fact these plans can present so many options and contingencies that some people can find it confusing.

Renting cell phone minutes in Mongolia

Jan Chipchase on Future Perfect reports on how individuals rent out phone minutes in Mongolia. "A number of the so-called white phone sellers offer infrastructure akin to a traditional phone kiosk to support making a call - and this ranged from a wooden stand to hold the phone to a cushioned seat. Cigarettes and chewing tobacco were also for sale. To be frank it was a little unnerving, to see a white phone customer walking along the street with the white phone seller walking along side them holding the body of the phone, the cable dangling between them. Mobile, yet tethered to one another. MobiTel, the primary mobile carrier in Mongolia rents wireless battery powered white phones for around 100,000 Tughriks (70 Euros or $84) for 3 years. The seller of the service must make a 10,000 Tughrik deposit to be able to make and take domestic calls from the phone, and a 100,000 Tughrik deposit is required for international calls. The price of the service for consumers fluctuates according to where the phone is located - generally the more competition the cheaper the cost.

Can Cell Phones Compromise Your Network?

According to Business Week, simply by carrying a mobile phone, employees may compromise network security. For this post in textually, I've only picked up on the lurking dangers mentioned, but the BW article offers ways to avoid them. BLUETOOTH PERIL "Anyone with a Wi-Fi- or Bluetooth-enabled mobile device is potentially a walking, talking network-security risk, as more and more sensitive corporate data are stored on such devices. LACK OF AWARENESS Airport terminals are high risk spots. Many check e-mail or work from Bluetooth-enabled devices. Imagine the impact from one Bluetooth device in an airport infected with aggressive mobile malware. That one device could transmit the virus to others within range. Then those would transmit the malware as the users move around the airport and on to their destinations -- and back to their offices. In this scenario, virus propagation begins to look much more like that of airborne human viruses".

Shaolin monks enjoy cell phones, Internet

File under random. New Kerala reports that Chinese monks above the age of 18 on the Shaolin Temple's martial arts team use mobile phones and surf the Internet daily. A kung fu monk is given a monthly allowance of $25 by the temple. Head coach Shi Yanlu revealed the modern life enjoyed by monks in an interview with the Xiaoxiang Morning Post. 

Study on how the poor use cell phones

A South Asian study conducted in India and Sri Lanka that looks at telecom users with monthly incomes of less than $100 says that over half the respondents do not even own the phone they use. The India Times reports. "It found that 31 percent of fixed owners and 7 perpcent of mobile owners allow non-family members to use their phones. "Keeping in touch" with friends and family locally was the biggest use of telephones. More than two-thirds of those studied do not take advantage of 'off-peak' rates. Less than 10 percent of mobile users that switch off phones do so to avoid incoming calls. Some 33 percent of Indian mobile users bought second-hand handsets.

Eye-popping telecom charges in asia

Yet there's a surprise stumbling block: the smartphone. Vital calls drop and eye-popping telecom charges pile up quickly, killing the thrill of slick on-the-go modernity. Roaming rates for phone calls and access to email and other data services such as Internet browsing vary widely from country to country, easily jacking up bills. Certain phones work only in some regions, and not in others.

Goldman's Wings Clipped By Low Leverage, Few Opportunities

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), fixed income trading is settling back from the heights reached in the last two years, and for this Wall Street trading juggernaut, normal means boring. Without proprietary trading--which new regulations forced Goldman to exit--and without a steady flood of customer orders to juice its trading desks, Goldman was not able to produce the eyepopping results that catapulted it in quarters past. Goldman's wings have been clipped by low leverage and a lack of opportunities to change that anytime soon. "We're not holding back leverage," David Viniar, Goldman's chief financial officer, said ...

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