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An internet entrepreneur can easily manage his business round the clock without feeling fatigued or stressed out. There are no time bindings or constraints as one can decide his or her working according to their preferred schedule. Online businesses are able to reach their customers at all convenient timings, making the world a local marketplace.My name is Liv Senstad and I am an Internet Entrepreneur and a Success Coach working within the field of Attraction Marketing.

Software Boom:

The immense popularity and preference of numerous online businesses have led to boom in the software development. This is a comprehensive IT enabled sector that works in tandem with various online tools to provide best possible services for. Various online ventures conduct their business processes, such as accounts' maintenance, book-keeping reports, cataloging, product related queries, customer care services etc, are taken care by customized and specially developed software.

Reach Ability:

There are remarkable potential for an online entrepreneur of even reaching far flung places very easily and expediently. We can say that the Internet based business has made everyone go global and worldwide. In order to attain such a reach for a brick and mortar business, huge amount of finances and other relevant resources would be required. On the contrary, the online business can be perceived, explored and benefited by global audience world-wide. There is no issue of even language barriers in here as there are several service providers who proffer translating services for different websites. This way any business can reach through the foreign consumers located in various continents and nations. There are also no hassles of payment collection as Internet has a remarkable and secure option of electronic payment transfer system.

Promotion & Selling:

Unlike brick and mortar businesses, online businesses incur minimum possible promotional and advertising cost. Internet and its relevant tools make these mandatory processes very easy and effective. The search engine optimization (SEO) is a remarkable online tool that gives quick and effectual visibility to various online services and products. Some of the other web based tools are - E mails, e-newsletters, e-brochures, video and audio presentation, web conferencing etc. In fact, many of the brick and mortar businesses have made their presence felt over the Internet also in order to make their venture even more profitable.

Opportunities Unlimited Publications

The popularity of any online business is primarily due to the baggage of benefits that come along with it. The advent of Internet has cast its magical vision over how to process a business and thus showering great viability in terms of finances as well as convenience. When we make a comparative analysis of an online business versus brick & mortar business, the outcome is clear that the former one outweighs the latter in various aspects.Cost Effectiveness:Cost effectiveness is a major advantage for an internet entrepreneur. It saves not in one but in a multi dimension way and the savings is felt by not just the investor but also the end user. The cost cutting can be experienced in several ways such as - no requirement of office space; cut short over work force; reduction of fuel consumption; saving from commutation charges; almost zero paper use; and that of course sums up to a cheaper end product.

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Microsoft Unlimited Potential

Through Microsoft Unlimited Potential, we are working to enable sustained social and economic opportunity for everyone.Expanding the Reach of Technology Microsoft Unlimited Potential is a company-wide effort to bring together business and philanthropic approaches to make technology more relevant, accessible, and affordable; encouraging close collaboration among businesses, local governments, educational institutions, and community organizations. With our partners, we are focused on transforming education, fostering local innovation, and enabling jobs and opportunities to create a continuous cycle of sustained growth and opportunity.


Do you consider yourself a reasonably good photographer? Maybe even just OK, but you'd like to learn? Do you own (or want an excuse to own) a digital camera? Would you like to learn how you can use just your camera and the internet to make money? Now you can! This is an excellent e-book and website combination that is continually being updated with the best ways to earn an income taking and selling photos. There are literally hundreds of websites looking for fresh photos, as well as thousands of people and businesses willing to commission you to take specific photos for all kinds of purposes (No, none are X-rated). This book/website combo will take you from soup to nuts on what to do and how to find your niche and even set up a portfolio on line. YOU CAN DO THIS! The demand is huge, there is no need to be a professional marketer, and for a $40 one time payment this is the best deal you'll find anywhere.

Max International

Max International is a relative newcomer, but one we've been watching with great interest. They have excellent products that are extremely easy to sell because virtually everyone who tries them notices a difference almost immediately, and once they've tried it they never want to be without it again! Effects are quantifiable and backed by years of research and testing. The comp plan is solid, and now that they're near passing the two year mark we believe it's safe to say they will be around for a long time to come. They are just starting to hit momentum, which is one of the best times to join any company as the word is just starting to get out and the big guns are just starting to get in. If you like riding the crest of the wave, this is the one for you!BTW: Among the owners of the company are two of the top infomercial producers in the world. They will begin test marketing commercials in early 2009 and expect to go full on with television by the end of the year- do you think that will help your sales just a little?

Global Opportunities Unlimited

Business Your Way:-We at Global Opportunities Unlimited are dedicated to helping you find the best money making programs and tools available on the internet. Not the latest, not the hottest, just the best. And not only that, but the best business opportunity for YOU.You see, we don't believe in one size fits all when it comes to business. We want you to find a home business opportunity that you can be passionate about. If you are passionate, you'll be able to see yourself through the tough times, and your excitement will spill over to everyone you share it with. Your passion will attract people to you in a way you could never do otherwise.You will also find here some of the best ways to find leads and promote your business once you've started. We'll show you ways to leverage Social Networking and Web2.0 for leads that are free or very low cost. You will also find connections to excellent web services, and the best trainers and teachers anywhere in the industry. Everything you need to see your earnings soar.  

Work at Home Businesses

This page lists some of our favorite Work at Home Opportunities, Home Based Businesses, Network Marketing Opportunities & MLM Programs. Most are free to join or have a minimal membership fee and will give you a very professional looking affiliate website. All are quality programs developed by people who know the industry and the products they represent. Please check back often as we are continually evaluating new programs as they are brought to our attention. Feel free to visit the links from our home page for ideas on finding leads and promoting your business once you get started. We mention specific companies on this page, as well as a few of our favorite training resources. If you'd like information about affiliate programs, choosing the right products, and monetizing your website or blog, please go to our Affiliate Programs page.


the Niagara County chapter of NYSARC, Inc. (formerly the New York State Association for Retarded Children), is the largest not-for-profit organization in Niagara County providing programs and services to people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.   The agency provides day programming, employment and training, residential services, service coordination (for any age), clinical services, recreation (youth and adult) and supportive services to more than 800 families annually.

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